Introducing the Signature Slip

I wanted to create a way for you to extend the enjoyment of your Signature Envelope Necklace as you collected new memories over time...

Customer experience is one area within By Leahy where I really strive to, not just please you as a customer, but bring delight to you when you receive your By Leahy item of Fine Jewellery.

I'm grateful for the many conversations I get to have with you, in the lead up to you purchasing your special piece, and for the wonderful feedback I receive afterwards.

Through our conversations, I have learned of specific things that you would like, and I have really enjoyed being able to deliver on your requests. These insights have proved invaluable and have actually lead to the creation of, what are now, some of the core collection pieces.

The Bespoke Signature Envelope Necklace, for example, was born out of a customer request to have a special handwritten note from her mother engraved, exactly as so. This option is now a bestselling piece that has lead to the Bespoke Handwriting Service being rolled out across every item of By Leahy Fine Jewellery.

I'm delighted to say that, again, as a result of your requests and feedback, I am introducing the latest By Leahy addition – the Signature Slip...

The Signature Slip enables you to extend the enjoyment of your Signature Envelope Necklace by easily adding new memories.

14ct White Gold Custom Made Bespoke Signature Envelope Necklace every best mother, absolutely beautiful

The cornerstone piece to the By Leahy Collection–the Signature Envelope Necklace–is an investment piece that holds special memories for you, the wearer.

Personally engraved on the inner Slip may be the name and date of birth of your newborn child or grandchild, handwritten words from a loved one, the celebration of a milestone achievement or birthday, or a personal motivation. 

After the birth of my first child, I wanted to create a way to add this new memory to my own Signature Envelope Necklace. Around the same time, a couple of customers had a similar request.

By Leahy Fine Jewellery, Bespoke Signature Envelope Necklace, rose gold, Mike, 40 years loving

One customer was expecting her first grandchild and wanted to add the baby’s name to her own Signature Envelope Necklace (thank you, Teresa). Another customer wanted to have a message from each of their four children on the Signature Envelope Necklace he was gifting his wife for her birthday (thank you, Conor).

The Signature Slip can be purchased separately, with engraving included complimentary. Simply slide it onto the chain of your Signature Envelope Necklace, in the comfort of your own home.

If you're purchasing a Signature Envelope Necklace for the first time, you can add as many Signature Slips that you require, to your order.

Available in 9ct gold, 18ct gold, 10ct rose gold, and sterling silver.

You can shop the Signature Slip here.

As ever, if you have any queries or questions I would love to hear from you. You can contact me via email,, or on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, @ByLeahy.

Thank you for your continued support,
Laoise x

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