By Leahy Bespoke Service

I've had some incredibly special engraving requests come through in recent months – requests to engrave a message exactly as it was handwritten by a loved one.

One customer lost a parent a few years ago. She had a very special handwritten note from her father that she had kept framed. She took the note and asked if I could engrave it exactly as he had written it – in his handwriting – onto a silver slip of the Signature Envelope Necklace. The message was carefully traced and engraved onto the front and back of the inner slip. She now wears that note from her Dad close to her heart every day.

Due to an increase in demand from customers, I’m delighted to now offer this Bespoke Service as part of the core By Leahy, Fine Jewellery offering.

Taking the original handwriting of a loved one, the message will be carefully traced and engraved onto the inner Slip before being nestled into a Signature Envelope Necklace.

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