The Claddagh and its storied history

When I started training in fine jewellery making with a Master Goldsmith, the first item I handmade was centred on the iconic Claddagh symbol. 

I was drawn to this particular symbol because of the story-rich meaning behind the design. The Claddagh motto, 'Let Love and Friendship Reign' is represented in the three components of the design. The heart represents love, the crown represents loyalty, and the hands represents friendship. 

How the wearer chooses to wear the Claddagh –  mostly carried on a ring – is also imbued with rich meaning.

Wearing the Claddagh on your left hand - with the heart pointed towards you, means that you're married; wearing it with the heart pointing away from you means that you're engaged. On your right hand - with the heart pointed towards you means that you're in a relationship, and with the heart pointed away from you means that you are single. I always thought it would be a fantastic dating sign 😄.

Given where I first started with jewellery making, and the fun I had designing a contemporary take on the classic Claddagh design, the Claddagh symbol is such a natural inclusion to the By Leahy collection. I am personally delighted to introduce it to you as part of the Sentiments Collection.

By Leahy Fine Jewellery original collection The Claddagh redesign precious metal solid 9ct gold and sterling silver
 The first collection I ever designed and made.

The sketches and ideas scribbled out before I started making the Contemporary Claddagh Collection, as part of my jewellery-making training.

A full-circle moment - introducing the Claddagh symbol into By Leahy, as part of the Sentiments Collection.


The 'Claddagh Slip', which sits within the Sentiments Collection. 

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