A week in photos…

Having a look back on the week a little later than normal because we had a very special celebration this weekend. Small Features turned 2 🥹.

Obsessed with all things orange ‘onje’, we had an orange cake (unusual, I know 😅) with her favourite ‘Bamba’ on top - the celebration wouldn’t have been complete without Paddington. Where have the two years gone… 🫣

Not to leave out Little Maneen, he turned 3 months 🥳 and is now rolling from back to front too - juggling the two just got that little bit more interesting 😄.

From the bench, to name but a few, it was a pleasure to mark a special birthday, to engrave the sweetest children’s handwriting, and to capture the memory of a beloved pet…

Last, but not least, I was delighted to see By Leahy be named a finalist in the @irishcountrymag Irish Made Awards. I would be delighted if you could take a minute to vote for By Leahy - follow the link in bio and jump to the ‘Jewellery’ category. Thank you in advance!

Laoise x

P.s. Yes, that is Sadie painting the windows with Vaseline 😅 #jugglyingtwo

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