Engrave a Bespoke Message

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Delivering the most bespoke experience dedicated to your most personal item of fine jewellery...

With the Bespoke Engraving option, Laoise uses a special technique to translate the handwritten note, signature, or hand drawing of a loved one into a beautifully engraved equivalent. It results in the most sentimental and coveted gift to be treasured forever

How the Bespoke Engraving option works...

Once you have chosen your item from the collection, simply select the 'Engrave a Bespoke Message' option from the drop-down menu on the product page.

Complete your purchase and then email a photo of your note to hello@byleahy.com or DM it to @byleahy on Instagram or Facebook.

If you would like to discuss anything in advance of your purchase, you are welcome to contact me via phone, email, or social media.

Customer Feedback...

'My Mum was delighted - it worked perfectly and she adored it 😍 having my brothers handwriting included made it so much more special (he’s the baby of the family)’ - Megan

'I received my Beautiful necklace. It was a gorgeous 40th present from my parents with my sons handwriting engraved with our names. A very special gift x thank you.' - Debbie

'I had wanted to put my wife's late grandfather's handwriting into something special. I wanted to also add a small phrase from my wife’s deceased mother onto a slip... I gave my wife her necklace and I’m happy to say she loved it! Definitely brought some tears to her eyes. I can tell the piece is high quality. Thank you for all the help with making this timepiece!' -Seth