'We used to look forward to our letters every week...'

Tim gifted Elaine a Signature Envelope Necklace to mark their wedding anniversary but the envelope held a very personal meaning for them... It was a symbol of their relationship.

As Elaine recounted, 'another reason why I loved the letter was when Tim joined the United Nations 28 years ago we used to write to each other every week as there was no mobiles or emails at the time. We used to have fax alright but it wasn’t great. So your beautiful letter and envelope will always remind us of how we used to look forward to our letters every week (even if the news was old by the time we got them)'.

Each individual Signature Envelope Necklace is cast from the same mould but each one most definitely has it's own story to tell - personal and sentimental in their own unique way. 

Signature Envelope Necklace 9ct gold Happy Heart Anniversary, By Leahy Fine Jewellery
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