Her Story Necklace

Capturing the precious details of their two children and a love note from her husband, this Story Necklace was chosen to capture her most precious memories.

Story Necklace 9ct Gold Both Baby's time of birth, weight, and special note from her husband

Engraved on two of the Slips were each child's name and date of birth, their time of birth and birth weight.

Story Necklace 9ct Gold Baby's time of birth, baby's birth weight engraved By Leahy Fine Jewellery

Sitting between both Children's Slips was a love note her husband wrote to her before they started dating... the original card she kept for sentimental reasons. Realising that she could have his lovingly humorous note engraved and worn close every day made it the perfect choice for the third Slip of the Story Necklace. 

Story Necklace 9ct Gold Three Slips, Baby's time of birth, and birth weight husband's love note By Leahy Fine Jewellery

A memory is a timeless treasure… Capture your most precious ones.

The Story Collection is designed to capture each precious memory that makes up your life story.

Add Slips as new memories are created. 

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