For her Deirfiúr (Sister)...

This Slip Necklace, in solid 9ct gold, was gifted to her sister in celebration of her 40th birthday. 

On one side of the Slip, the iconic symbol of the Celtic Sisters Knot was engraved. On the other side, the Irish word for sister, 'Deirfiúr', was engraved. Underneath 'Deirfiúr' two numbers were engraved very subtly - an easter egg of sorts. The '8' and '4' representing that she is the 4th daughter of 8, and born in 1984. 

Her sister put a lot of thought into this engraving and ended up creating something incredibly unique and personal for her sister, filled with so much meaning.

Once the gift was received, I received a lovely note from the birthday lady.
'My sisters got me your chain for my 40th love it. Got “deirfiur” 8 on one corner and 4 on the other corner (I’m the forth daughter of 8, and was born in ‘84) on the reverse side the put the symbol of “ , Celtic sister knot” I love it sooo much and want to thank you so much I love it.'

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