Fine Jewellery with Special Stories to Tell

One reason I love fine jewellery is because it can be worn every day yet last lifetimes. Jewellery with longevity collects memories and stories to be shared through generations to come. 

I’ve been wearing these two pieces as one every day for the last few years. On the left, the special necklace that was handed down from my granny, to my mum, and onto me, and on the right the Signature Envelope Necklace that was inspired by it. Both in solid 9ct gold.

My granny’s necklace is over 60 years old, passed through three generations, and still going strong.

Engraved on the Signature Envelope slip are two dates. The date I sketched the first design for the Signature Envelope Necklace, and the date I got the first cast back from my caster after three design iterations and wax carving modifications.

Both were very positive milestones in developing By Leahy - creating fine jewellery to be passed down through generations to come.

What would you engrave on your Signature Envelope Necklace?

Follow the link if you'd like to read more about hand-making the Signature Envelope necklace.

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