A Precious Paw Print of a Beloved Pet

Long awaited for, much loved, taken too early...

The paw print of her beloved pet was engraved, with his name underneath, to be worn close forever.

Slip Necklace 9ct Gold Bespoke Engraving Paw Print

It was a privilege to make such a precious piece of jewellery, and to engrave such a beautiful memory to be captured forever.

This Slip Necklace in solid 9ct gold was redesigned to hang in a portrait, to accommodate this sentimental choice of engraving. 

I received a black-and-white photo of her dog's paw print. From there, using a specialised technique, I replicated the paw print and produced an engraving of it onto the solid Slip of gold. It hangs from the necklace with his date of birth engraved on the reverse side.

Capturing memories and creating connections...

If you have something similar that you would like to have permanently engraved, such as a paw print of a beloved pet, or a fingerprint of a beloved person, feel free to contact me on social media @byleahy or email hello@byleahy.com and I can chat through your request with you.

Laoise x

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