From Wax Carving to Precious Metal - The Casting Process

There are many methods to use when making jewellery, but one of my favourite, and most intriguing processes, is Lost Wax Casting.

Also know as cire-perdue, it is the most reliable method when making complex designs. Lost Wax Casting is the process that first starts with making a wax model of the exact detail and finish to be achieved in the end design. The wax carving is then coated with a refractory, such as clay, to form a mould. It is then heated until the wax melts and runs out of a small hole left in the mould.

The outer casing which is left over, is the Master Cast. A precious metal, such as gold or silver, is poured into the space left vacant and from there, the piece is produced, and can be reproduced as often as is required. 

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