Hijacking the Kitchen Table

As we get closer to finally introducing the By Leahy Signature piece, I found myself taking a look back over the past 18 months with fond memory of all of the highlights and challenges, experienced along the way.

One of the fondest memories was of walking into my Mum’s kitchen one evening, to find that my sister Keelin had left a handmade Jewellery bench on the floor for me.

For the previous two years, the closest I’d came to having a bench was a wooden peg vice-gripped to, what was originally intended to be, our kitchen table. As my Jewellery enthusiasm grew, the ability to eat a meal at the table shrank. A patient and supportive boyfriend, now fiancé, soon to be husband, meant I could potter away at the table but when we moved back home from London to Ireland the Jewellery peg came with us, and the kitchen table remained.

For about 6 months all of my tools, materials, and ideas, sat in boxes while I saved for a bench. A passing conversation with my sister resulted in the delightful surprise, and greatly appreciated gift, from Kee. I couldn’t wait to assemble it.

My bench now lives in our kitchen corner, tucked up beneath the large Victorian window. It was with this bench that the By Leahy Signature piece was designed, carved, and brought through all of the steps, to the final product it is today.

Thanks a million Kee :)

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