Designing and Making The Slip Collection

The Slip Collection was born out of a desire to create a broader choice of jewellery options, such as rings and earrings, that still had a close relationship to the cornerstone By Leahy necklace - the Signature Envelope.

I did this by taking an element of the Signature Envelope, the secret inner Slip, and showcasing it for all to see. The simplicity of each piece can be seen in the solo use of delicate chain and fine strands of precious metal to create each item in the collection.

One key focus of the By Leahy brand is to make special pieces of jewellery on a small scale rather than producing many multiples for the masses. The handmade process is one that will always be core to the brand. 

Staying true to that starting point and continuing to keep things simple, considered, and meaningful, developing the Slip Collection was the natural next step.

 I hope you love it as much as I have loved creating it.

Laoise x

The Slip Collection is available in both solid 9ct gold and sterling silver.

If you'd like any item produced in a different carat of gold, or a different precious metal, contact me on email at or through any social media channel - you'll find me behind @ByLeahy.

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