Introducing the Story Collection

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us” – Oscar Wilde. Capture your most precious memories…

I am delighted to introduce you to the new By Leahy Collection. It is called the Story Collection.

By Leahy, Fine Jewellery, Story Necklace, 9ct Gold, 18ct yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver handmade in Galway

I designed this new collection with two things in mind.

I’ve received a lot of feedback about how you’d love to add to your current By Leahy pieces in the future and right now the Signature Envelope and the Slip Duo are the only two items that can really cater for two or more Slips (the Envelope can actually hold as many as you like with the addition of the Signature Slip).

Now, through the Story Collection, you can add as many Slips as you like. 

Starting with a minimum of three Slips, each item (with the exception of the Story Ring) is designed so that you can add new Slips as new memories fill your life.

The second thought behind the collection – quite a few of you are contending with beautiful chubby little fingers that love the sparkly glisten of jewellery and can be very determined when they want to be. The Slip Necklace and the Slip Duo Necklaces are quite delicate pieces which sometimes don’t fare well against those determined little fingers. This new collection has been tested with my little maneen and I'm happy to report that they survived the test!
Plus, for those who love jewellery that is chunkier, this will suit you perfectly.

It’s called the Story Collection because the memories you collect in life shape your life story.
This collection is designed so that you can add as many memories as you wish - now and in the future. It consists of two necklaces, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring which feel so playful.

Available in 18ct yellow gold, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold and sterling silver, each item is handmade on my bench in Galway and hallmarked in the Assay Office on the grounds of Dublin Castle. 

I hope you love the collection. Feedback is always welcome, both positive and constructive 😄

Laoise x

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