Introducing the Connect Bracelet

For a long time, I’ve wanted to offer you a design that was suitable for the little ladies in your lives. I have had numerous requests for a mini version of the Signature Envelope Necklace but unfortunately, it wouldn’t have worked with a smaller Slip as the space to engrave would be too tiny.

The solution was the Mini Me design. It was so well received with many of you coming back for other colour options.

I loved that there were pops of colour in the collection and, as with a lot of the current designs, this one evolved as more of you requested it for older siblings, parents, grandparents, grown-up children, and the leading men in your lives.

However, for multiple reasons and after much deliberation I decided to discontinue the design. Much to my surprise, when I stopped making the Mini-Me’s I kept receiving requests, even as recently as this week.

So it got me thinking… How can I reimagine the Mini Me’s? I knew that you loved the colour options and I knew that you were gifting the original design to all ages and genders. This meant the original name no longer made sense and the design needed review. I also really wanted to get the price down, to be able to offer you something for under €100.

I’m now delighted to introduce you to the Connect Bracelet.

By Leahy is centred on creating connections. Connecting people to their most precious memories, and to each other.

Within the design of the Connect Bracelet the classic chain stitch creates a connection to the Slip, the Slip creates a connection to your personal memories, and the memory of my Granny Leahy lives on through the inspiration of her crochet box.

By Leahy Fine Jewellery Connect Bracelets

Available in 12 colour options - double the previous amount - the Connect Bracelet is also double the thickness of the original - still delicate enough for the little ladies but chunky enough for the gents. Standard engraving comes complimentary with each Connect Bracelet, as does shipping (domestic & international), plus gift wrapping.

I’m also absolutely delighted to say that the 9ct solid gold is less than €100. It is also available in sterling silver. 18ct yellow gold, 10ct rose gold, and 10ct or 14ct white gold, are available to pre-order, price on request. Email for more information.

Each Connect Bracelet is available in a standard 18cm length but the sliding knot means it can be lengthened if needed.

By Leahy Fine Jewellery Connect Bracelets Granny Leahy's Crochet Box of Threads

On a more personal level, it means a lot that Granny Leahy’s crochet case is connected to the collection. Given to me by my Dad when I was quite young, Granny’s case is bursting with the most beautiful rainbow of crochet threads. I always remember the crochet and cross-stitch pieces that lived on the walls and tables of my grandparent's home. In primary school, when I learned to crochet myself, I would dip into Granny’s case to play with the different colours, making friendship bracelets and little crochet doilies. Granny's threads have come to life again in this design. I hope you love the colours and this design creates a meaningful connection to personal memories and to the person you choose to gift it to - yourself or a loved one.

Laoise x 

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