A week in photos…

Snatching time on the bench to work on new designs! So many ideas have been whirring around in my head but the next ones to be made have directly come from your requests so I hope you love them!… keep an eye out.

Really enjoyed making the beautifully sentimental and thoughtful pieces that went out to their future homes - I’ll share once they’ve been gifted. Thank you to those who choose By Leahy to mark your special occasions x

Beyond the bench, enjoyed the simple moments with my beautiful babas, escaping outside when this crazy crazy weather settled for those brief spells 🌦🌪🌤🌧…

Reflected back on the Going for Growth #StartingStrong program backed by @enterprise_ireland and @kpmg_ireland which concluded last week but looking forward to continuing to be a part of the community and applying all the learnings to By Leahy going forward. More on this over on @linkedin.

It’s been a great week. I appreciate all the follows, likes, comments & overall support - thank you!
Have a great weekend.


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