A week in photos…

Thoroughly enjoyed making some custom orders this week. One request in particular keeps cropping up - so much so that I’m going to add it to the collection soon. Keep an eye out!

Some lovely orders came in this week - a gift from a mother to her daughter for a milestone birthday, a gift from a grandfather to his granddaughter, another gift from a grandmother to her new grandchild… to mention but a few. Thank you all for choosing By Leahy ♥️

It was great to visit Outset Gallery, which opened last week. Fell in love with a particular Shane O’Driscoll print. While in town it’s impossible to not indulge in treats from Eán. If you haven’t been yet, it’s a must.

Small Features was entertaining as always with her outfit combinations - irrespective of the weather & Little Maneen was great company while I worked.

Hope you all had a lovely week and weekend ahead. #gaillimhabú

Laoise x

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