A week in photos…

More like two weeks in photos! I’ve been quiet here this week - very much dictated by little maneens sleep pattern and my continual forgetfulness to take photos 🤦🏻‍♀️ However a major to-do was finally ticked off the list.

Quite a few new designs have finally finished sampling and are being photographed right now. I’ve just received a sneak peak at two of the pieces and I’m beyond excited to launch them. As you might know, I don’t do seasonal collections - rather I launch pieces based on your feedback and requests. All of the new pieces have been requested in one form or another so I hope you love them! The launch will start at the end of this month so keep an eye out.

I’ve had some wonderful orders through in the last while. A lot of them I can’t show until they’ve been received but included in the recent pieces to exit the bench was a gift from a family to their sister/daughter for her 40th, gifts for mums with their sweet children’s signatures engraved, a couple of self-gifts (which I love to see), a gift for a goddaughter from her thoughtful godmother, and a gift from a husband to his wife… to name but a few ♥️. Thank you to everyone who choose By Leahy recently.

I’m also blown away by how in-demand the bespoke engraving requests have become (these are the ones where I’ll take someone’s handwriting, a drawing, or a picture, and engrave it exactly as provided). These requests are so individual. I love working on them because I know just how personal and sentimental they are to the wearer. Plus, I love having the chats that usually surround each request! Do get in touch if you’ve been thinking of having something bespoke engraved.

I’m currently writing this as the little man sleeps on my shoulder. Time to put him in his cot and enjoy a glass of wine with my main man.

Happy weekend everyone.
Enjoy the beautiful change in the weather.

Laoise x

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