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Whether you're choosing a special item to mark a celebratory moment or acknowledge a special achievement, much thought goes into the selection process.

With the new Preview Service you can now preview the By Leahy Signature Envelope from the comfort of your home – with no commitment to keep.

Simply order the Signature Envelope as normal and it will be shipped within 1-2 days. The item received will have a sample engraving to provide a preview of what your personalised message may look like. You’ll have 5 working days to decide if they'd like to secure a personalised order, or receive a refund, and return the previewed item.

The By Leahy Signature Envelope Necklace is an item that is delighted in once seen and experienced. Feeling the solid weight, seeing the high-polish finish, opening the envelope to discover an inner message, sliding out the Slip to reveal a new memory...

You can now have the full experience of the Signature Envelope necklace from the comfort of home as you decide what you’d like personally engraved.

Scroll down to find out more about the Preview Service and select the Signature Envelope Necklace you'd like to preview.

Questions and Answers

How can I avail of the Preview Service?

Simply order the item as normal and it will be shipped to you within 1-2 days. The item you receive will have a sample engraving so you can see what your personalised message may look like. You will have 5 working days to decide if you'd like to secure a personalised order or not.

What items are included in the Preview Service?

This service is exclusively available for the Signature Envelope Necklace in 9ct gold or sterling silver.

I've received the preview necklace and made my decision, what do I do next?

Once you have made your decision, you will return the previewed item in the envelope provided, along with the return instructions indicating if you'd like to proceed with a personalised order or receive a full refund.

I'd love to place a personalised order - what's next?

Fill in the order form and return it along with the previewed item in the envelope provided.

Once the previewed item and form is received your personalised order will be processed and delivered within 7 working days.

If you need it sooner than that, email me on and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

What happens if I choose not to proceed with an order?

You will receive a full refund if you choose not to proceed with a personalised order.

All refund requests will be processed immediately upon return of the previewed item and you will receive an email confirmation for your refund.

If the item is returned damaged or in a poorer condition than what was provided the cost of repair will be deducted from your refund.

Returning the previewed item within 5 working days

All previewed items are returned with a unique tracking number. If this tracking number has not been activated after the 5th day you will no longer be eligible for a refund and you will be considered to have purchased the item. If there is any issue with returning the item within 5 working days, please contact me in advance of placing your preview order.

Do I have to pay for delivery?

By Leahy will cover the cost of delivery, in full. All you have to do is preview the item, fill in the form and return the necklace in its gift box, within 5 working days.

Any Questions?

Email me on and I'll be very happy to answer your questions.

This service is available to customers based in the Republic of Ireland only. Subject to demand, the service may be expanded to the UK and Europe in time.

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